Effective Therapy Management

Integrated Care with CardioSecur Active

Often, the time at which a patient presents is not ideal. This leads to difficulties in establishing a diagnosis and symptoms are left unexplained. CardioSecur Active makes it possible to bring the physician and patient together when it is needed, and to keep them apart when it is not.To enable optimal therapy management:

A Mobile ECG Solution for Your Patients

With a 15-lead ECG device (a class IIa medical product), patients with symptoms or those who want to regularly check their hearts can use their smartphone to record an ECG and receive immediate feedback. The compact design and need for only four electrodes make the system ideal for use at home or on-the-go. Its intuitive use makes it possible for individuals without any medical training to quickly record a clinical-quality ECG. CardioSecur Active is provided to select patients free of charge as part of an integrated care contract for 24 months.

ECG Data from the Moment an Acute Event Occurs

High-quality ECG data are immediately available to you after each completed reading via our approved server cluster. Personalising your notification preferences makes optimizing treatment and quick and efficient management possible.

Reassurance of Unclear Symptoms

CardioSecur Active recognizes disturbances of heart rate, rhythm, and circulation, and provides the user with a recommendation to act after each reading to know if medical help is necessary. This feedback is based on the comparison between the current reading and the user’s personal reference ECG, which the patient records when setting up the app. The patient can thereby still take the appropriate action and receive medical care, even when you, as his physician, are not available.

Participation Requirements for Physicians
  • Interventional cardiologist or internist
  • Contractual partnership with integrated care contracts
Patients with the following characteristics can benefit from this partnership with CardioSecur Active
  • Prior cardiac intervention
  • Insured by one of the listed insurers
  • Possesses a compatible smartphone
How Integrated Care Contracts Work

As a comprehensive form of care, integrated care contracts (ICCs) offer an innovative healthcare solution. They promote collaboration among various disciplines and sectors in order to improve the quality of patient care while offering financial incentives at the same time. According to § 140a SGB V, most ICCs are for certain indications. The goal is to strengthen the role of local physicians as health care coordinators in order to reduce duplicate tests and unnecessary hospitalisations. Additionally, the structure of the treatment leads to an improved quality of care.

Reimbursement for ECG Interpretation

Payment for services rendered is separate from the compensation of the Association of Statutory Health Insurance Physicians in Germany: for the interpretation of each ECG, an additional €10, – is paid as a flat-rate payment (maximum 4/patient/month).

Current Insurance Partners
  • BKK Mobil Oil
  • Novitas BKK
  • BKK Ahlmann

More information can be obtained from our contract management partner REBECA Health Care GmbH.