Follow patients with 15-lead ECGs 

CardioSecur Active allows patients to record a powerful ECG when symptoms present and enables physicians swift diagnoses and effective therapy management.

In a few seconds you can capture your patient’s symptoms

Capture Symptoms

Patients record a clinical 15-lead ECG at the onset of symptoms, allowing in-depth analysis.

CardioSecur is easy to use

Intuitive Use

With only 4 electrodes and a smartphone, patients can record an ECG anytime and anywhere.

The app pre-evaluate the ECGs in critical and neutral cases.

Prioritization of ECGs

In-app pre-evaluation of ECGs in critical and neutral cases, allows you to allocate your time effectively.

The patient ECGs will be synchronized to your CardioSecur Pro app.

No Paperwork

All ECGs and their pre-evaluation are securely transferred to you in a few seconds.

How it works

CardioSecur Active’s exceptional ease of use combined with unique data sophistication, enables physicians and patients to mitigate unnecessary visits and attain conclusive diagnosis.

The system follows the method of intra-individual comparison. Each ECG is compared with the patient’s previously stored reference ECG to pre-evaluate any changes. The patient receives a direct feedback, if medical attention is required or not. As physician you receive extensive data (12-lead ECG plus V7-V9) from that moment.

The CardioSecur method mitigates delays and consequential damage to the heart .

Depiction of how electrodes are attached to the body

1. Patient attaches
4 electrodes.

Depiction recording of an ECG in 10 seconds

2. Performs a
10 seconds ECG.

Depiction of the personalized feedback after a CardioSecur control reading to see if medical attention is necessary or not

3. Gets feedback
directly in the app.

Depiction reading in CardioSecur Pro app

4. Physician receives
15-lead data.

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