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    Ultralight 12-lead ECG

Lufthansa – Trusting in CardioSecur

After overwhelming success in introducing CardioSecur Aviation* on Lufthansa’s A380 fleet, the airline deployed the system to its entire long-haul fleet. In cooperation with MedAire’s MedLink service all CardioSecur Aviation* ECGs are evaluated by means of seamless ground transmission. This allows for diagnosis of infarctions and any type of arrhythmia.

The new CardioSecur Aviation* service enabled Lufthansa to increase passenger safety, prevent unnecessary re-routing and trigger justified medical diversions due to the unrivalled ECG data quality.

Reliable diagnostics. Prevent diversions

High quality medical data

Highly sophisticated ECG technology capable of diagnosing heart attacks.

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Unrivaled cost effectiveness

Significantly reduces unnecessary diversions, increases passenger safety and mitigates flight disruptions.

Easy to use & implement

Specifically designed for non-medical staff. Low training needs, merges with existing processes.

Seamless ground transmission

It automatically transmits generated data via on board
Wi-Fi to the ground.

Comprehensive ECG in just 3 steps:

1. A passenger shows cardiac symptoms.

2. Cabin crew records a 12-lead ECG with the CardioSecur Aviation* app.

3. Automatic transmission to the 24/7 ground medical service, providing feedback.

Medical service at its best

CardioSecur Aviation* closes the diagnostic gap on board and seamlessly integrates into existing emergency processes.

CardioSecur Aviation* is intended to record, evaluate, document and diagnose a resting electrocardiogram (ECG) for adult males and females. CardioSecur is a medical electrical system comprising an ECG cable, an iOS device and an app for an iOS device. CardioSecur Aviation* records a 22-lead ECG using 4 electrodes. Only medically trained personnel may use CardioSecur Aviation*. When in automatic mode, CardioSecur Aviation* may also be used by untrained personnel.

This CE-marked Class IIa medical device meets all the criteria of professional 12-lead ECG systems. Our QM system for medical devices is certified according to EN ISO 13485 and is regularly audited by the leading German notified body TÜV SÜD.

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*CardoSecur Aviation is a feature of CardioSecur Pro

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